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Frequently asked questions


a) Questions concerning our packages

The 1-night-packages on Friday are nearly sold out so that we only can offer accommodation in HC1 to HC3. In cheaper categories we are very limited in availability – best chances are for one single room only.
The 2-night packages are much better available however some categories are also sold out on some dates already.
Please send us your order and your comments on your wishes on the order form and we will check what can be confirmed.

Please send in your order form by post or by fax. We will send you the confirmation as soon as possible. In case we won’t be able to meet your wishes we will contact you for alternative dates or categories. We will send the confirmation by mail. It takes us about 3 to 8 days to confirm your reservation.

Please note that your specific seat is printed on the original ticket which you receive with the check-in at your accommodation. Unfortunately as a matter of logistics we aren’t able to name you your seat in advance. A specific seat request can not be considered.

b) Questions concerning our day tickets

Sales launch
The tickets without arrangement go on sale on April 20th 2009. The tickets can only be ordered on the order form for that purpose which will be available on that date (available as download as well). Any booking in advance will not be possible. 
You may also register your address online and we will send you the order form.
Please note that day tickets are mainly meant to meet requests by regional guests who can reach Oberammergau easily in a day trip.

Performance dates
The day tickets are available on the Saturday performances.

We can only confirm the seat category not a specific seat request.

We will start allocating tickets on April 20th. Please do not contact us for checking your order form as we won’t be able to search for one single order form due to the huge amount of order forms we will receive. 
We will first confirm our regional guests who can reach the village easily in a day trip. We do kindly ask for your patience to wait for our confirmation or answer even if it takes some weeks or even months. We will contact you in any case even if we have to decline your order.
Guests who live in a broader range away from Oberammergau or abroad will be confirmed later on or they will be asked to request an arrangement.

c) General questions

The shuttle service free of charge is offered in the neighbouring villages Ettal and Unterammergau. In the village of Oberammergau you may also use the shuttle (f.e. for transfer from the theatre to your restaurant). The stops in the village will be announced later on.

German Railway
The German Railway (DB) will be offering a connection to Oberammergau from the villages of Murnau, Bad Kohlgrub, Saulgrub, Altenau und Wurmansau. The last train will leave Oberammergau at about 11:15 pm. The train ticket is not included in our services.
On Saturday there will be a direct connection between Munich and Oberammergau.

Parking lots
Two big parking lots will be established outside of Oberammergau for your private or rental car. Please use the shuttle bus from there to the centre of Oberammergau.

Local assistance
Our local hostesses will be pleased to help you in any matter, may you need help or information.

Disabled guests
Wheel chair seats are available upon request on the ticket box. Your original ticket will be changed there accordingly.
By presenting your disability ID with over 80% you will get a refund of 50% of the net ticket rate (excluding the advance booking fee) on the ticket box.
An induction loop for deaf aids is available on all seats.

A Babysitter is available upon request (on your own credit).